Mr Rotavator

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Since getting this allotment one of the more tedious jobs has been digging over the plot each year. It’s like painting the Forth Bridge – by the time I get to the end, the start is overgrown.

I’ve always wanted a rotavator but they’ve either been too expensive, bulky to store, or built around crappy two stroke engines that don’t always start.

Not any more! While browsing Amazon I came across this. It’s a battery powered tiller / rotavator. It’s light, easy to carry and the batteries actually last a decent amount of time.

I gave it a good test today. My plot is overgrown with lots of grass and weed, but it managed to turn this…

Into this…

With minimal effort from me. Normally this would have taken several hours spread over two days. I’m tall, the ground is far away, I hate digging.

Then it managed to also do this…

It doesn’t like long grass, so I need to mow or strim that first, but that’s not much effort either.

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