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The Flora and Fauna

There’s all sorts of creatures living amongst the plants. Everything from wasps and flies to frogs, slugs and centipedes. Also saw this growing amongst the chillies at home…

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Weeding and tidying

Now we’re harvesting the various crops that have been growing, it’s a good time to do some tidying. After harvesting all the potatoes, I’ve dug the bed over ready for next year. At some point I’ll throw some fertiliser on … Continue reading

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Mega potato harvest

Potatoes are the easiest thing to grow on an allotment. There’s all sorts of fussing and tales people have about how you’re supposed to do it. Dig a trench, fill it with well rotted manure, chit your potatoes, don’t chit … Continue reading

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Borage invasion!

“what’s this nice blue flowering thing in my garden? Oh it’s something called Borage and bees like it. Well that’s nice, it can stay…” Borage… At least it’s helping keep the strawberry runners, cat mint and nasturtiums under control.

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Corn! Beans!

Now the weather has cooled down a bit and there’s been some rain, the corn has grown pretty quickly. The beans have also gone a bit mad. I think next year I’ll remember where I’ve planted them and put up … Continue reading

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Shed Upgrade

Our existing shed was given to us free when we first had the plot. Slowly over time it has fallen apart and is less a shed and more a pile of semi rotten wood. The roof doesn’t really exist any … Continue reading

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