Monsoon Season

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Seems the weather has switched from hot and dry to “wet”. It’s a bit hard to do anything on an allotment when it’s raining.

I did notice the water butt on my shed at home was full though.

And the small one on my other shed was looking a bit full too.

So I figured I’d buy another water butt from Wickes and set it up to fill from the overflow of the first one.

I also moved the water pump into the new butt. I’ll use that to water the roof garden in the summer.

The finished setup looks quite tidy, although the second butt is half full already. I need to sort out an overflow so it doesn’t flood the area around my shed. The drainage isn’t great and a shed sat in a pool of water isn’t the best.

Also out of curiosity I went to the allotment to see how the water butt there was doing. It seems to be filling up and holding water OK.

At some point I’m sure I’ll add a second butt there too.

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