Mowing grass by hand

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I’ve got a grass problem on my plot, the grass grows better than anything else. It’s a constant battle trying to keep the grass short and has so far caused the end of a petrol mower. I took my battery mower from home one weekend, but the batteries need charging half way through and I get the feeling the mower isn’t really designed for mowing such a large area. The batteries get quite hot.

I also tried using a strimmer, it’s awkward and takes ages. So while randomly watching TV one night I saw a YouTube video of someone explaining how to service their push mower. Turns out these things aren’t just a prop you see on old cartoons, but really do exist. And they’re super cheap.

Mine came from Amazon and actually cut the grass really well. It seems to eat through long grass pretty easily and doesn’t really get stuck. You do need to push it with some force to make the blades spin, and it locks up if something thicker than grass gets in the blades but otherwise works really well.

There is a little grass catcher on the back, but I found the grass comes out so fast it often misses, and it’s awkward to remove to empty it. The thing fills pretty quickly too and after detaching it twice in two minutes I gave up and took it off.

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