I like big butts and neatly trimmed bushes…

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Last year I made a roof garden on my shed, and I noticed it takes a fair amount of water in summer, so in the spirit of conserving resources I decided I need another water butt.

The shed has a small butt, but it doesn’t catch much water and is mostly there to keep the runoff from watering. Also as you can see the downpipe has fallen off and it’s being overtaken by the bushes around it.

I have another shed that doesn’t have a water butt, so I went off to Wickes and bought a 210L one.

No idea why there’s a dent in it, but some rain will sort that out I’m sure. First I had to remove the tomatoes, they seem to have given up, the tomatoes aren’t ripening any more.

The big butt came with a base and after levelling the ground it sits nicely with enough space to get a watering can under the tap (which I glued in to stop leaks).

So finally the small butt needed some attention along with the messy bush, which had a trim. I fixed the downpipes and trimmed things so it’s easier to get to. I might rig up an overflow to the other butt at some point.

Now I just need to wait for the rain. It’s mid September, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty in a week or two!

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