Shed Upgrade

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Our existing shed was given to us free when we first had the plot.

Slowly over time it has fallen apart and is less a shed and more a pile of semi rotten wood. The roof doesn’t really exist any more.

A rather large amount of bindweed had tried making the place its home, but I also think it’s structural.

Our “new” shed isn’t much better, it’s an old metal thing I bought after moving house and needed somewhere to store things while we moved in.

It’s spent the past year in a pile but has mostly gone back together.

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2 Responses to Shed Upgrade

  1. Nige says:

    It’s hard to tell from the photo, is it tall enough to stand up in or is it one of those boxes you store lawnmowers and spades in but aren’t expected to go inside ?

    • james says:

      You can sort of stand up in it, sort of. It is mostly a box to store things in though. You’d have to be quite dedicated to want to sit in it.

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